Audium is asking for your help as it grows from a small, first-of-its-kind sound theater into a center for spatial sound art.

If you are able and would like to support Audium, consider making a tax-deductable donation.

Audium has survived for over 50 years, allow us to thrive for the next 50!


We’ve been immersing audiences in worlds of sound for over half a century. We are proud of our San Francisco arts heritage, arising during a period of creativity in the city’s history when there was a chance for artists to grow and experiment freely.




The power of Audium’s ideas and experience is a testament to its continued relevance. In the face of a world where our attention is being tugged apart, Audium’s escape to another sonic land is even more important today than ever before. 

This year, Audium is opening its doors to the Bay Area in exciting ways. The new spatial sound residency program is training the next generation of sound artists, and new program nights will showcase the voices of guest artists. 

Your financial contributions help fund theater operations, sound system modernization, and the residency program. We have a lot to share!

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Audium has survived for over 50 years. Your tax-deductable donation will allow us to thrive for the next 50!