November 23, 1979 premiere

136 Speakers

Program Note Excerpts:

During its 20 year span of performances, from early portable set-ups to the current sound theatre, AUDIUM has sought to make concrete the spatial dimension of sound. Driven by a compositional philosophy which recognized space as an inherent component of music, complemented by innovative performance technology, AUDIUM has evolved into a new musical medium: a theatre of sound-sculptured space.

The present concert is conceived as a total sound environment, from the listeners entrance to his exit. The composer writes with a fundamental concern for all parameters of the environment; foyer, labyrinth and performance space constitute a compositional continuum. While the works are complete and on tape, they are performed live at each program through a custom-designed console.

The tape performer shapes and sculpts the sound images, channeling them through 136 independently-controlled speakers. He determines the sounds location, direction, movement, speed and intensity. As natural and electronic sound travel on multiple planes, above, below, front, rear and sides become aural dimensions. The listener, immersed in this sound-space continuum, is experiencing sound as a kinetic, sculptural energy. Speakers and environment are transformed into a spatial electronic orchestra.