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Program Overview

The residency is a 6-month commitment, from October 10 2023- March 30, 2024. The first three months is the creation period: artists are trained to use Audium’s spatial sound system, compose fully immersive sound compositions, and rehearse their works. After, there is a two-month performance period, during which participants perform their sound compositions three nights per week. Artists receive a stipend of $500 for the orientation (5 days), $1000 per month during the creation period (3 months), and $150 per show during the performance period (totaling 24 planned performances). There is a one month holiday break in December. Time commitment is about 10 hours per week, except during the orientation, when more time is required. 

The first 2 weeks of the program is spent familiarizing the artists with Audium’s tools, technology, and concept of performed sound movement. Audium’s team, including spatial sound pioneer Stan Shaff, advise artists on how live spatialization from speaker to speaker can alter and shape their compositions. Residency artists learn how to use the instrument that is Audium’s speaker space. The subsequent six weeks, artists gain fluency in sound control as they begin to design their own compositions for the space. Artists schedule timeslots to compose on-site, and will participate in weekly check-in meetings and 2-3 community workshops to engage the public with their work. The last four weeks of the composition period is dedicated to designing sound and visuals for audience entry and exit. Instruction is provided on how participants can take the themes of their compositions and expand them to the rest of the building. Projections, sounds, and lighting are all programmed specifically for a fully immersive experience. 

During the performance period, participants present their compositions to the public in a concert series. They perform the sound movement of their works live each night. After each performance, artists engage with the audience in an artist talkback session. Through these open discussions, participants discover how other listeners experience the totality of their work. During the performance period, artists are encouraged to continue rehearsing their spatial performances and tweaking their compositions, as experience informs their perspective.

At the end of Audium’s spatial sound residency program, resident artists have gained fluency in the art of live sound movement. They have created site-specific immersive sound works, and will have shared these works with the public for two months. 

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Full Schedule (tentative) 

June 22 – July 14, 2023  Submission window

Week of Sept 4, 2023 Notification of Artists

Oct 10, 2023 Residency start date

Oct 10 – Oct 21, 2023 Orientation, introduction to technology, sound movement control training, learn compositional workflow
(to take place during the day on Oct 10, 11, 17 & 18)

Oct 23 – Dec 15, 2023 Content creation: sound compositions, continued practice of sound movement

Dec 16, 2023 – Jan 7, 2024 Break for holiday season

Jan 8 – Feb 4, 2024 Content creation: lobby & labyrinth sound and visuals, performance rehearsals

Feb 8 – March 30, 2024 Performance period: 3 performance nights per week (Thursday, Friday & Saturday evenings), facilities open for continued editing and rehearsals

Feb 8, 2024 Opening night event

March 30, 2024 Closing night 

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  1. You must live in the Bay Area to apply. Plans to move upon acceptance to the program are not acceptable.
  2. All ages and levels of experience are encouraged to apply.
  3. Open to all artists working in sound and music with preferred background in music composition.
  4. Must be available for FULL participation in orientation  and performance nights (see schedule) and be available to compose at Audium approximately 10 hours per week during the content creation period.
  5. You must have samples of your sounds/music ready to share.
  6. Have an open mind and open ears! 


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    Selection Criteria

    1. Artists will be chosen to reflect the diverse perspectives of our community. Women and artists of color are encouraged to apply.
    2. Sample sound selections have variety, storytelling, nuance, intentionality, contrast
    3. Attention to all elements of the space (lighting, projection and sound in lobby area) to create a fully immersive experience.
    4.  Understanding of the elements of music composition (melody, harmony, rhythm)
    5. Ability to effectively communicate with staff, fellow artists & audience members.
    6. Experience in the creation of spatial audio; understanding of Audium’s philosophy of live sound movement performance. Adaptability to Audium’s multi-channel environment and flexibility with new technology/ideas.
    7. Creativity, curiosity, and openness to learning new techniques in sound manipulation.

    Residency spots are limited, but we are also actively seeking future collaborators. All applying artists will be considered for future programming.

    The application is now closed.

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