The World According to Sound

The World According to Sound live show is coming to Audium!
Thursday evenings starting August 18, listen to recordings from across the globe. Each show aims not to hook you with a story, but to get deep into sound and experience a long, non-narrated stretch so you can truly lose yourself.

After years in public radio making and mixing stories that all sounded almost exactly the same, Sam Harnett and Chris Hoff wanted to make a radio show that didn’t tell you a story or what to think. What started as a podcast has evolved into an in-person, multichannel audio event.


Just a fancy way of saying that we’re going places. We’ll visit Cairo in the 30s, Berlin in the 40s, New York City in the 50s, an iceberg in Antarctica, the deepest place on earth, Alvin Lucier’s room, and a curious parade of forest elephants in the Dzanga Bai. 

TIME – 8/25/22 – TICKETS

What is time these days anyway? György Ligeti and John Cage skip rope with Tony Schwartz’s niece, while a man in England details a year’s worth of eating. This evening has a whole day in one spot in sub-Saharan Africa, a song that lasts hundreds of years, and more metronomes than you can shake a stick at. 


There are a lot of ways to make a body produce noise. Jacob Kirkegaard knows all about that. The sound artist meticulously recorded an autopsy and a decomposing body. We’re celebrating the whole range of the live human body too: there’s a musical tooter, popping knees, throbbing brain arteries, and grunts aplenty. 


Alienation, loneliness, solitude––different sides of a common coin. The mating call of the last remaining bird of its kind. Music made in a cave. There will be a contrapuntal train trip up into Canada’s frozen north, along with a journey deep inside the fjords and glaciers of the Scandinavian Arctic Circle.