1956 – 1958

• Beginning development of spatial ideas interacting with light and sound projections with sculptor Seymour Locks.

• Subsequently, Stan’s high school music students perform with light shows, including programs at San Francisco State College and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Stan Shaff and Doug McEachern meet while teaching in the San Francisco Unified School District. Stan is working with natural sounds and is beginning to be concerned with the spatial aspects of composition and perception. Doug’s knowledge of electronics enables him to develop original audio systems for the live, spatial performance of Stan’s compositions.


1959 – 1960

• Instrumental and tape music work with Anna Halprin’s Dancer’s Workshop.

• First concerts at composer Stan Shaff’s home in San Francisco, with multiple speakers set up in four rooms, performed with a rudimentary control board. UNIVERSITY of CALIFORNIA EXTENSION Renaissance of the Arts series.

• Controlled Movement of Sound Events Collaboration with Anna Halprin (8 speakers, 4 channels)