Audium is thrilled to present the third edition of its signature sound residency show, NEW VOICES III; featuring live performances by local artists Roco Córdova, Makana Muanga and Danishta Rivero. In this edition, the theater will highlight the voice as protagonist. Audiences will discover the unfolding possibilities of the voice in space, becoming part of a collective exercise in the power of gathering.

Audium: New Voices III
February 8- March 30 2024
very Friday & Saturday
Doors 7:30pm; show 8:00pm
A limited number of pay-what-you-can tickets are available for each show.
Please contact for more info (include your preferred performance date).

Heretical Voicings
Danishta Rivero

Heretical Voicings is a reflection on our existence and place in the world. It is a study in embodiment through the formulation of a hybrid body language co-created with Audium.

The piece oscillates between abstract and personal expressions through the unorthodox use of oral and digital technologies, accessing the voice for sound matter and for its cultural connection to meaning making.

Kukusanyika Pamoja
Makana Muanga

Few of us today are as connected to community- which is to say other humans- as we were four years ago. Kukusanyika Pamoja is an exercise in connection and empathy. Using interviews, sounds, space, and group interactions, this composition encourages audiences to hear one another, have a collective experience, and celebrate themselves for being present in community.

Things You May Find Hidden in my Ear

Roco Córdova

Córdova borrows their title from Mosab Abu Toha’s collection of poems by the same name. Córdova seeks to create a work that embraces the collision of two different worlds: the exploration of both chance coincidences and stark divergences between the poet’s experience living in occupied Palestine, and their own, living both in colonized Puerto Rico and at the heart of empire in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Audium’s Sound Residency Program is funded in part through grants from the National Endowment for the Arts & the Zellerbach Family Foundation.