Residency Rewind: New Voices is a limited rerun of Audium’s historic first residency (2021/22), reimagining the space through immersive compositions of spatial sound. 

The program features works by Bay Area-based artists Victoria Shen, Alexa Burrell, and Noah Berrie. These three sound artists established a conversation with each other and the space, generating multiple dialogues to push the threshold of listening and imagination. Find out more about the 2021/22 residency here.

New Voices is an experience that extends beyond the speaker space, spilling out into the lobby with elements of sound, light, and projection surrounding the audience from the moment they enter the building. Note that these are recorded performances of the 21/22 residents, they will not be performing live. 

Victoria Shen has composed a four-dimensional love letter to Audium . Drawing from the analog modes of composition and music making within her own art practice, Shen tailored her piece using analog synthesis, record manipulation, electroacoustic instruments, and reclaimed piano wire. Shen has also built custom equipment allowing her to dynamically control the extreme textures and gestural sounds of her piece in real time, producing an experience as singular as the Audium itself. 

Alexa Burrell’s A(Void) Fire is an afro-surrealist techno-horror fairytale about a Black woman who is haunted by a demonic embodiment of her comfort zone. Climate catastrophe, emotional contradictions and tensions between the natural and digital world come to a head as she summons the spirit of Calafia to break free.

Noah Berrie’s Organ Music is a conversation between the body and space. The body, wired to transducers, becomes a resonator; speakers click, snap, and throb to life; the entire building activates as a sympathetic, vibrating, encompassing mass. It is about dissolution of form and imagining a truly free body – formless, unbounded, and flowing.