Immerse yourself in the alluring embrace of ‘The Essence,’ a live sensual sound experience meticulously crafted to transport you into a world of tantalizing whispers and seductive melodies.

As sound design and poetry intertwine, ‘The Essence’ explores the intrinsic nature of life’s most passionate experiences, beckoning you into a sanctuary after dark—the enchanting canopy of Audium Theatre’s unique soundscape. The space itself becomes a canvas infused with sultry, savory, and irresistible ambient exploration.

Join us for a carefully curated sensuous journey through ‘The Essence’ and explore the rich frequencies of life and love.

March 24 @ 6pm
$20 Earlybird
$25 General

Lyn Patterson, aka poetryntings, is a multifaceted storyteller currently thriving in the city of Oakland, CA. As a deeply invigorated storyteller she delves into themes such as identity, femininity, sex, eroticism, and pleasure. She believes that relationships should be places of liberation but has found that the power dynamics which pervade our society often get mirrored in our most intimate spaces. Thus, Lyn is passionate about creating spaces for people to explore and reflect on belonging and intimacy to envision a world where connections are a catalyst to freedom.

Rianna Samone, aka lowkii ri, is a multidisciplinary artist, producer and sound engineer based in Oakland CA. Passionate about sound, music, and art, she explores topics such as connection and healing through various disciplines. As a sound engineer, she crafts immersive sonic experiences that delve into the intricacies of the human experience. She also enjoys helping other creatives execute their projects relating to sound and music. Her love for creativity and a gratitude for life is at the root of everything she does.